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The MUSE Foundation of Rhode Island's (#MUSEOFRI) mission is to create opportunities designed to cultivate creativity and innovation in communities of color through philanthropic investment and initiatives.



The MUSE Foundation of Rhode Island envisions a vibrant, inclusive, and liberated future where it supports underserved communities of color flourish creatively and innovatively. Empowered by our sustained philanthropic support, initiatives, and a commitment to demystifying philanthropy through time, talent and treasure, we strive to unlock their full potential towards self-sufficiency.

We envision MUSEOFRI as an opportunity for us to invest in ourselves and leave a legacy behind for the next generation with pride and purpose.

1. Inclusivity and Diversity: Embracing and celebrating diversity within communities of color, ensuring equal access to opportunities for creativity and innovation.

2. Empowerment through Education: Committed to demystifying philanthropy, providing tools and knowledge for self-sufficiency and prosperity.

3. Community Collaboration: Valuing partnerships with local leaders and organizations to effectively address unique community needs.

4. Sustainable Impact: Creating long-lasting, positive change through environmentally and socially responsible initiatives and investments.

5. Transparency and Integrity: Maintaining high standards of ethics and transparency, building trust and accountability.

6. Legacy Building: Focused on leaving a lasting, positive imprint on the communities we serve, inspiring future generations to continue the cycle of innovation, empowerment, and growth.

7. Innovative Impact: Actively integrating technology and innovative approaches to amplify our impact, drive change, and enhance the reach and effectiveness of our programs and initiatives in communities of color.

1. Rhode Island Black Philanthropy Month - #RIBPM (Every August): The MUSE Foundation of Rhode Island (#MUSEOFRI) created the Rhode Island Black Philanthropy Month (RIBPM) initiative as a collective giving an awareness campaign that highlights black lead organizations and to demystify philanthropy for the Rhode Island black community at large in strategic partnership with United Way of Rhode Island every August.Help us celebrate Black Philanthropy this August by supporting black lead orgs! You can donate directly to our Rhode Island Community Foundation endowment here.

2. Black Policy Month RI -#BPMRI (Every MLK Day to Valentine's Day): Every year from MLK Day to Valentine's Day is Black Policy Month (BPMRI) established by United Way of Rhode Island in 2022.In June of 2022 MUSEOFRI started on the campaign for make JUNETEENTH a RI State Holiday. Working with bill sponsors to introduce this legislation during Black Policy Month in 2023.Keeping this process transparent with the community along with advocacy of other orgs.Fast forward to TODAY! We are proud to announce that effective 2024 Juneteenth will be an official state holiday.

3. Youth Empowerment Society of Providence County -#YESpvd!: Youth Empowerment Society of Providence County (YESpvd!) is MUSEOFRI's youth initiative.
YESPVD! is dedicated to creating opportunities for under-served youth in the greater Providence area by providing social, educational and financial resources aligned to career and/or college pathways.
YESPVD! works to provide a platform for young people that frames their own interests by way of educational experiences, professional development, life skills, networking opportunities and career pathways in order to be self-sufficient.
YESPVD! serves as a bridge-building social anchor for the next generation.
YESPVD! presents #TURNUPRI, RI's ultimate youth leadership summit / career exploration conference for students grades 8th - 12th since 2015. 
YESPVD! Social enterprises brands include SpokenWord Brand, Emcee Brand & more!

4. #MUSEOFRI Best In Black Community Awards | #YESpvd! Toy Drive (Every November thru December): Almost every year for our founder's birthday in December since 2000 he has hosted a toy drive to collect toys to donate to children in the community. Since 2022 in addition to the toy drive we added an community awards component with our traditional "Best In Black" theme and contest.

5. BLKGivin' (formerly AwesomePVD): A crowdfunding project focused on raising funds for our micro-grants and contributions to giving circles.

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through education, inspiration and innovation.


through advocacy and action.


with resources and network.



2024 Summer Events


Eve of Juneteenth aka The EOJ on Tuesday, June 18th at Crib Providence w/ Coogi + guest. 21+


Taste of Juneteenth

Wednesday, June 19th on the official Juneteenth holiday please join us for the first annual "Taste of Juneteenth New England" event at Farm Fresh Rhode Island ...


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The MUSE Foundation of Rhode Island is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our EIN is 86-2187647. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.



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